We hear from clients on a regular basis, that they’ve tried major-brand mineral makeup and experienced itchy, irritated skin.

If mineral makeup is supposed to be so healthy for the skin, why did it not work for you?

The likely culprit:  bismuth oxychloride

While most makeup contains *some* bismuth, it’s typically added in low concentrations.   However, in some mineral makeup lines, it is used in high percentages which can result in irritation……itchy skin, redness, hives.

Bismuth Oxychloride is a white pigment that is very silky in-feel.  In cosmetics, it helps the product glide onto the skin more easily and helps in skin adhesion.   It also adds some volume to loose mineral makeup.  Although it is a natural additive, it is also a known skin irritant.

Our mineral products are completely free of bismuth, so we urge you to review our line and consider testing some of the sample sizes we offer.

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