We launched our Phytocell Renewal Serum in December, 2010.  In addition to using the serum on my face, I’ve been taking the dropper and dispensing the serum onto my scalp… then massaging it thoroughly.  I’m not concerned about using it *on* my hair… I wanted to get into the scalp because the apple stem cells have been proven to help prolong the life of aging hair follicles.  And… there is no question about it… there is less hair in my brush than before using the serum.  I’ll be working with our lab to develop a serum specifically for the scalp.  Until then… if your hair is in “thinning mode”, masssage our existing Phytocell Renewal Serum onto your scalp.  It will help you retain the hair you have for a longer period of time.   I’ll update you as we work on the new product.  Best, Kathleen