Are you breaking out after a chemical peel? Although this may seem counter productive to you at first, it’s actually not only normal… BUT A VERY GOOD THING!

Why Post-Chemical-Peel Breakouts are Actually POSITIVE!

You see, the process of a chemical involves reaching deep into the skin’s layers and accelerating cell turnover…

Breaking out after a chemical peel

Basically, all the gunk, congestion and sebum lingering in deeper layers of the skin gets brought to the surface faster than usual due to the effects of the chemical peel. So, breaking out is a sign that the peel is actually doing its job.

Consider a post-peel breakout a purging of deep bacteria and congestion, and rest assured that this post-peel phase will pass. IT WILL!

With continued use of your chemical peel, the skin persistently improves and clears as the acids from your peel continue to accumulate in the skin. Week by week, you should notice less breakouts as these acid levels increase – and eventually NO breakouts at all.

Always give your skincare at least six weeks to work! We recommend sticking with any peels, serums, cleansers, etc for 6-8 weeks before making a final verdict on the product.

Taking Care of Your Skin in Between Your Peel…

It’s important in between peels to use a proper skincare regime for your skin type. Typically, you want to use gentle, acid and retinoid free products after a chemical peel. We highly suggest a gentle cleanser such as our Wild Oat and Honey Cleanser and also a soothing toner such as our Cucumber Toner.

Need to Know Which Peel is Right for You?

Simply click here to learn where to begin for your skin type!

Here at MUAC, we customize skincare for our clients on an individual bases when our clients write to us. If you’re unsure of the proper skincare routine for your skin type, simply write in to and tell us your concerns.