When it comes to achieving the best results from your skincare selections, always keep BALANCE in mind. Too much of anything can result in the opposite effect you’re aiming to achieve. Here are tips to ensuring you’re keeping a healthy skincare regime, along with some specific suggestions…

Pair Acids with Non Acids

This may sound super obvious, but when purchasing an acid serum or a chemical peel, we always suggest a gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer to use during the time you’re under “the influence” of acids.

Using too many acidic products at once will cause stress and sever redness, even burning of your skin. It’s always critical to combine soothing, gentle non-acidic products during the days you’re using chemical peels or serums. Some of our suggested products are:

Sensitive Skin? Pair a Soothing Cleanser/Toner with an Enzyme Peel

 Let’s face it, some acids and retinoids are just too harsh some skin, especially super sensitive skin. Thus, pairing gentle products with enzyme based products is a very good idea.

Enzymes offer gentle exfoliation for skin that can’t handle acids, in fact our MUAC Triple Enzyme Peel is an excellent choice for sensitive skin, paired up with our  Papaya Enzyme Cleanser our soothing Cucumber Toner.

Pair Acne Products with Argan Oil (or similar moisturizers)  

Often times, acne sufferers are pretty harsh to their skin as they use many strong products to treat the acne (such as our MUAC TCA Peel ). But, skin also needs to be soothed and moisturized – especially during acne treatments – so that it doesn’t produce MORE oil. Yes, your skin can undergo an overdose of harsh acids and go haywire! So, we always suggest an oil free non-comodogenic moisturizer such as Argan Oil, coconut oil, or our MUAC Green Tea-Pomegranate Moisturizer (which is oil free) to sooth skin and protect it.

We hope you enjoyed these healthy skincare regime suggestions and learning about why certain products are fabulous companions. 

If you have any questions or concerns about ANY of our products, or just need a skincare regimen, you can always write to us directly at info@makeupartistschoice.com

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