More and more products these days boast these two ingredients on bottles and within advertisements. So what exactly are they, and better yet… why are they so important to YOUR skin?

Ceramides are major components of your skin’s structure. They are fats (lipids) that help our skin retain moisture. As we age, the levels of ceramides deteriorate causing the skin to lose natural moisture and become dry. Products that contain synthetic ceramides help aging skin retain moisture.

Our MUAC Transforming Anti-Aging Mist  hydrates, protects, improves elasticity, treats fine lines and wrinkles using ceramides and other essential age-busting ingredients.

Peptides are molecules smaller than proteins that consist of two or more amino acids. Proteins consist of at least 50 amino acids, so a peptide can be any number of amino-acid combinations below 50.

Today, peptides are considered important anti-aging components in modern skincare. Synthetic peptides added to skincare products manipulate skin cells, allowing the epidermis and the dermis to communicate more effectively… therefore producing more collagen and thickening the skin.

Our MUAC Bio-Peptide Concentrate with Matrixyl is a triple-action concentrated blend of non-irritating actives and cold-pressed botanicals that work together to produce both an immediate and cumulative effect on the skin. Clinicals show 68% reduction of deep surface wrinkles in 60 days!