Triple Enzyme Peel = Triple Threat to Dull Skin

As we put our products on sale this month, pay special attention to our Triple Enzyme Peel. This natural fruit enzyme product functions as a gentle, effective, exfoliating and brightening peel perfect for use several times a week.

Containing no acids, this peel is effective due to its natural enzyme formulation.  Papaya (papain enzymes)…  bromelain (a pineapple derivative)… and pumpkin… provide safe and gentle benefits to your face, even to the most sensitive skin types.

In fact, just recently my daughter’s close friend, a 28 year old female, got married. Both the bride and the mother of the bride used this very peel to prepare their skin before the wedding. I had them use it bi-weekly for a month preceding the ceremony… and they used it the day-of the ceremony.  When I arrived to do their makeup, both women were glowing with smooth, bright, youthful skin. Mom’s skin looked as toned, bright and smooth as the bride’s – and the makeup wore beautifully for the entire day.  That’s exactly why I personally love this peel because it works for skin of all ages… and nothing is better for your skin than natural enzymes.

 Our peel will infuse your skin with:


Papain (the natural enzyme of Papaya) exfoliates, softens skin with natural moisture retaining properties, unclogs pores which contribute to acne and blackheads…

Pumpkin – detoxifies the skin, contains over 100 naturally occurring skin nutrients and is rich in beta carotene (important to skin tone and glow), anti aging properties  

Bromelain (pineapple) – exfoliates, reduces uneven pigmentation and reduces skin inflammation…

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