A Product Our Customers Can’t Stop Ordering —
13 Years and Going Strong!
Who says out with the old, in with the new? Certainly not us when it comes to lactic acid…

Our 40% Lactic Acid Kit is a non-irritating treatment that’s outstanding for *all* skin types… mature, oily/acne, dry, and sensitive skin.

For 13 years, this product has improved skin for clients of all ages… with its popularity growing stronger every year among our clients.This product serves as an ideal peel for exfoliating and smoothing troubled skin… AND is unlike most peels because there’s absolutely no down time (hiding indoors as your face peels with redness and flakiness…). This is a peel you can use and enjoy with cumulative results each week that you use it.  (It’s important to use it consistently, each week, for optimal results.)

We call our 40% Lactic Acid Peel our best peel for clients
new to deeper skin exfoliation.  Lactic acid provides:

–Loosening and elimination of skin surface debris
–Softened comedomes (blackheads, whiteheads or red spots) and fine lines
–Deeply cleansed pores
–Stimulated natural collagen production
–Fresh and moist skin
–And, absolutely no down time or skin flaking…only a gradual sloughing-off of dried skin cells and the elimination of surface sebum.
I like to use my Lactic Acid peel at night (I use the 55% Lactic Acid Kit).  Using treatment products at night allows your skin to rejuvenate while you sleep.  And when you awake, you will see a youthful, dewy tone to the skin… brighter, clearer, with refined pores.
Keep in mind, you’re saving a bundle purchasing Lactic Acid from Makeup Artist’s Choice.  Normally, lactic acid is very expensive and can cost about $75 for one salon treatment in our part of the country.  With us, you’ll get your kit (which includes a bottle of prepping solution and a bottle of lactic acid) beginning as low as $17.75, if you begin with our 1/2 oz sample kit (provides about 10 peels!).



If you have more “hearty skin”, consider using one of our stronger lactic acid peels… 55% or 65%.
Think of this peel as a “tune up” for your skin. Using this peel once a week will maintain a lovely complexion that you can feel proud of… affordably and easily.