It’s no secret that water is “THEE” quenching elixir for optimal body function.

We hear all the time to drink more of it. But did you realize that when it comes to your face, proper hydration can literally “make or break” your complexion?

No matter how many products you slab on with dehydrated skin, nothing holds a candle next to the systemic, hydrating effects of H20.

If you’re not getting your 8-10 glasses a day, here’s more about why your face and your body need you to:

Achieve that dewy, healthy, natural glow
Nothing compares to a naturally hydrated face. Skin – the body’s largest organ – needs water for its cells to properly cleanse, turnover, and “plump”, which reduces sagging skin. Dehydrated cells, no matter how much topical cream, reveal themselves through dull, dry, and more wrinkled skin. Be sure to get hydrated from the inside out.

Experience more effective skincare products
You spend a lot of money on quality skincare, so help it work at its best. Hydrated skin evenly and thoroughly absorbs your favorite products. Dry skin doesn’t. It creates a barrier between your product and deeper skin layers. Don’t let your dollars go to waste! Give your toners, moisturizers and serums their best shot, and drink more water.

Enhance the elimination of toxins
If your digestive system struggles to eliminate toxins, the face doesn’t lie. Stressed, dull, and congested skin could be a sign that toxins are lurking in excess. Water lubricates and flushes the colon of impurities more efficiently… thus reducing the evidence on your face.

Transport proper nutrition to your entire body
Water is the key transportation for all nutrients. What you eat or take in supplement form need water to properly permeate the body. Dehydration inhibits proper delivery of vitamins and nutrition to your skin.

Once you’re properly hydrated from the inside, topical products work significantly better. A helpful companion for maintaining hydration all day is a moisturizing facial mist. Our MUAC Rosewater Hydrosol Mist does the trick beautifully.


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