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The Top Azelaic Acid Benefits for All Skin Types

By Kimberly Dean – MUAC, INC.

Seems there’s never a shortage of an acid to go on our faces for one reason or another – which is great, I say! Not all of us can use every acid (nor would ANY of us want to use every acid – that would be really bad news for our faces – yikes).  

So, to add to the mix of acids… there’s one making massive strides in skincare called Azelaic. It falls into a class of acids called dicarboxylic acids and is used to aid in reducing swelling and redness of the skin – particularly from rosacea.  

Additional Azeleaic Acid Benefits include removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface without visible peeling. Because, some can’t use chemical peels that result in actual peeling – azelaic acid may just be your answer to experience exfoliating on a deeper level AND without worrying that you’ll peel.

Plus, there’s a whole slew of benefits to using this acid…

Further benefits of using azelaic acid include: 

  • Improving Rosacea  and any skin redness
  • Loosening Blackheads 
  • Combating Acne 
  • Easing inflammation 
  • Reducing PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
  • Diminishing acne marks 
  • Refining coarse or bumpy skin texture 
  • Brightening skin 

Our Formulation serves all skin types 

Kathleen, founder and owner of MUAC, who has dryer skin, finds it brightening and hydrating…
Others have said they find it helpful even for Karatosis Pilaris…

Amazing for keratosis pilaris. I have bought and loved so many products from muac and purchased this product for myself ( age 49 and love how it makes my skin so smooth and refreshed. I also read that keratosis pilaris is a dry skin condition and that salicylic acid could help this ( my daughter has dealt with this for years on her arms). It and has been tough to treat with minimal results. I decided to try putting it on her arms a few nights and we honestly were shocked at the results. After just one application it appeared 50% better and now after just 1 week it is almost perfectly clear skin. This gel is a game changer! Thank you MUAC!
Reviewed by: Anette B from Chadds Ford , PA on 5/14/2019

azelaic acid gel

The MUAC formuation includes salicylic and licorice root extract to deep clean and refine pores, reduce acne breakouts, brighten skin tones, and refine skin that has a coarse or bumpy texture. With a light gel-type consistency, our product absorbs evenly into the skin and can be used with other serums.  

Could our Azelaic Acid Gel be a fit for you?

Visit the product page right here to learn more – including getting a sample size.

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